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GUNZE Mr. Super Clear Semi-Gloss (170 ml) (polu-sjajni lak)
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GUNZE Mr. Super Clear Semi-Gloss (170 ml) (polu-sjajni lak)

Cena: 1.400

Šifra: GS B-516

Proizvođač: GUNZE (Japan)

Namena: Mr. Super Clear Semi-Gloss Spray (polu-sjajni lak u spreju) 

Količina: 170ml

Upozorenje kod korišćenja Mr. Super Clear lakova:: 

Mr. Super Clear
・This coating agent is specially formulated for use with Mr. COLOR or Enamel.
It should be used after Mr. COLOR has dried completely.
・It cannot be used over water-based hobby colors.
・It will damage slide marks if applied over them.
・Should not be used in airbrushing on hot and humid days (temperature of 30° C or more, humidity of 70% or more) as blushing can occur.
・When a Mr. COLOR and Mr. SPRAY car color is marked “two coat”, be sure to apply a coat of Mr. SUPER CLEAR SHINE. This applies to automobile colors as well. The original color can be restored by recoating.


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